Safe Shopping
At Saveware we find safe shopping important and do everything to make this possible and provide you with information. Important audit questions how you can tell if an online store is safe:

What payment methods are there?
To offer Paypal and Ideal as a merchant, you must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and various personal data of the applicant has to be verified. This is already a first indication that it is not a quick build site. At Saveware, you can easily pay secure and insured with Paypal and Ideal or via Cash On Delivery.
Safe shopping
How many days to think about the order do you have?
Legally you are entitled to 14 days reflection time! If a shop does have any reflection time, this is against the law and doesn’t feel reliable. At Saveware you have 14 working days (instead of weekdays) reflection time to thoroughly look at the purchased item.

You can find the company and contact information (easy)?
If you cannot find the company information like the Chamber of Commerce number and the VAT number on a website, this is suspicious and also goes for the contact information. On the Saveware website you will find all Company information and can also personally contact us.

Do you know when the product is delivered?
At Saveware the delivery times are listed at the products and you will receive (at the time of sending) a tracking code to track your order.

Which service do you get?
At Saveware you are attended to by experienced and qualified staff, who want to provide good service and expertise to you. Please feel free to contact us.

How much guarantee do you get?
At Saveware you get at least 1 year (factory) warranty on all products we sell.

When do you get your money back when returning an item?
At Saveware you get (if the product is returned) within 14 days after you cancelled the sale, your money deposited into your account. In practice, this is the same week.

Useful links
On the site of the European Commission you can check the VAT number of a European company (Saveware is a trademark of Fidelia).
On the site of the Dutch Police you can check if there are reports about a web site, phone number or bank account number.

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