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Store lighting

  • Heat development and maintenance are the biggest problems with showcases / shop lighting. By using LED lighting you do not have the disadvantages.

    Characteristics of the LED lighting are:
    - LED lighting is hardly visible
    - Low heat development
    - Good color rendering use 1 color spectrum (Example RVS is 5000k the best color)
    - Very long lifetime
    - Available in every size and color
    - For showcases / shop you have to have partly beam spots as spots with a wide light output of 120 degrees


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  • The look of your store is very important for the customer experience. A customer must of course feel comfortable there. Because the lighting plays a major role in the atmosphere, the right choice for shop lighting is very important. LED lighting has a bright and yet very warm appearance. In addition to this benefit, which makes customers feel more comfortable, LED lighting has even more advantages for your store.

    Advantages of LED shop lighting

    Of course, in a store you want to present your products clearly. This makes it important to have sufficient lighting. LED lamps are considerably more efficient than incandescent or halogen lamps, which certainly saves enormous costs when used intensively. Furthermore, these lamps burn immediately at full power. This is also useful in a store. Naturally, you want the products to be immediately ready as soon as you open your store. If you also need to find something in a warehouse, it is also handy that you have a good view right away.

    Led lighting also gives less and less light at the end of its service life. This prevents a lamp in your store from suddenly failing. This is fine because it can seem strange to your customers if suddenly there is a lamp somewhere, and of course because enough warning to get the lamp outside the opening times to be replaced. Finally, LED lamps do not give off heat. Should your customer accidentally touch the lights when searching between your products, then this is not a painful experience.

    Different applications

    shop lighting 

    In our assortment you will find all kinds of lighting solutions specially made for shops. We not only have lighting for the entire store, but also solutions to highlight certain products. For example, we have showcase lighting, cabinet lighting and special lighting spots. Do you want illuminated posters or advertising in your store? We can also help you with this.

    Do you have questions about our assortment? Or can not you find exactly what you are looking for? Our employees are happy to help you. Together we find the perfect solution for your store! 

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